Navigating Federal Policy and Advocacy in the Biden-Harris Administration and the 117th Congress

A new presidential administration and new Congress– especially one with a shift in majorities– presents many exciting new opportunities for education advocates. If you are new to federal advocacy, or if your skills have grown rusty over the last few years, I’m pleased to share a helpful resource.

Last fall, I recorded a training module, “Navigating Federal Policy and Advocacy,” for the Commonwealth Learning Partnership. My co-presenters, Lexi Barrett (JFF) and Lillian Pace (KnowledgeWorks) are longtime colleagues from the Hill, executive branch, and non-profit policy advocacy. We had a most enjoyable conversation reflecting on lessons we’ve learned and now seems like the perfect time to re-share it.

The advocacy training series was produced for Virginia educators, but our federal advocacy session is suitable for education advocates wanting to engage at the federal level.

Other topics include:

  • History of Virginia’s Education Modernization Efforts
  • Education Equity and Racial Justice Across Virginia
  • An Overview of the Virginia General Assembly
  • How to Change a School Division Policy
  • Engaging the Virginia Department of Education

You can access the training modules on the Commonwealth Learning Partnership’s YouTube channel.

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