Policy Strategy Roadmapping

Getting started with Education Policy Strategies

Each client engagement with Education Policy Strategies begins with a Policy Strategy Roadmap. The process clarifies goals, priorities, and expectations to ensure a successful and impactful collaboration.

At the end of the Roadmapping process, you will receive:

  • High-level recommendations for how you can maximize your impact through policy,
  • How Education Policy Strategies can help with the implementation of those recommendations,
  • How we will define success, and
  • A project budget

Here’s what we need from you:

  1. Sign Up For Policy Strategy Roadmapping

    We’ll send you a  questionnaire to better understand your organization, your work, your context, your goals, your capacity, the challenges and opportunities you face, and any existing or past plans, strategies, and policy work.

  2. Complete The Roadmapping Questionnaire

    We will carefully review your answers to make the most of our time in the consultation.

  3. Schedule Your Roadmapping Consultation

    In our consultation, we hone in on your goals for education policy impact. This call is all about you– understanding the nature of your work and the population you serve, how you do the work, and your assets and capacity needs.

  • Policy Strategy Roadmapping Investment

Have questions?  Schedule a 15-minute call or use this form to contact us.

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