Education Policy Strategies is an education-focused public policy consultancy. We work to bring big ideas to life to build a more equitable and just world for future generations.


Education Policy Strategies helps purpose-driven educational organizations, government agencies, and policy advocates make sense of a complex national K-12 education policy landscape, strengthening child and youth well-being with innovative, collaborative policy solutions at federal and state levels.

Our Consulting Process

Each of our services is a part of an intentional process that empowers clients to transform their vision into policy change.

Education policy research and analysis

Policy alignment with mission and goals

Advocacy strategy design and implementation

Education policy thought leadership

Our Clients

We work with forward-thinking organizations who hold a fundamental belief that all students can succeed given the right opportunities. Our clients:

  • work for equity and justice for children and youth;
  • seek systems change; 
  • recognize that there are no ‘silver bullets’ to solve our most pressing challenges; 
  • believe in honoring community wisdom and agency;
  • understand the power of collaboration to sustain the most meaningful and lasting change.
Connecting with Maria helps us connect with the larger picture of what is on the forefront of innovative policy in ed. We have a lot of confidence in Maria's content expertise and her network.
Denise A.
Office of Innovation for Education